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內含ThinkGear晶片一片、Spec Sheet電路圖一份 

1.  直接與乾式電極相連

2.  單EEG腦電通道+參考電極+地線

3.  可以檢測到極微弱的腦電信號

4.  可過濾掉噪音,抗干擾

5.  512 bit原始腦電信號



1.  原始腦電信號

2.  專注

3.  放鬆

4.  眨眼

5.  腦波:delta, theta, low alpha, alpha, low beta, beta, gamma




如欲進行開發,建議搭配購買【Arduino SDK腦波驅動模組】。讓您開發事半功倍!


【Brainwaves. Not Thoughts.】

Measuring EEG activity has traditionally required complex equipment costing thousands of dollars. Now, with our research-grade, embeddable biosensor, NeuroSky has unlocked a new world of affordable solutions for health and wellness, education and entertainment. Precisely accurate, portable, and noise filtering, our EEG biosensors collect electrical signals — not actual thoughts — to translate brain activity into action.

NeuroSky’s EEG biosensor digitizes and amplifies raw analog brain signals to deliver concise inputs to games, toys, and devices running health and wellness, educational and research applications. Our brainwave algorithms, developed by NeuroSky neuroscientists and our partner research institutions, have revealed many new ways to interact with our world.


【Research that drives innovation. Innovation that brings inspiring products to market.】

The NeuroSky platform provides a powerful foundation for developing applications that promote improved focus, concentration, working memory, and mind acuity. Other uses include meditation, relaxation monitoring, and improved educational processes. Our low-cost OEM solution is a high-performance bio-signal on a single chip for accurate brain activity detection and processing.

NeuroSky cultivates and inspires creativity with our hardware and software tools. Our developer partners have demonstrated innovative neuroscience related products in health and wellness, education, medicine, research, and more.



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FB粉絲團: 腦波補給站-勝宏精密科技

【ThinkGear 腦波晶片-60Hz】神念科技 NeuroSky 腦波模組 TGAM 套件 開發 設計

  • 若使用桌上型電腦需有藍芽接收器,本公司另有販售經過工程師測試OK,可以與腦波儀搭配,不用煩惱買了不合用的問題,一起購買可享有加購優惠唷。